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"I am the growing shadow of the light your civilization. I am Infra."

The Harbingers are a collective hive-minded intelligence that takes the form of quantum-entanglement interfaced cybernetics. This allows them to communicate over vast distances and act as a single entity. Harbingers require a series of host bodies of the same species to operate, and when their species can no longer perform their task effectively, they leave and move on to possess another species when the time is right.



The Harbingers were created by Infra who was born from the reincarnated consciousness of Emperor Haraxa. With VERN put into a low power state, Infra had to do his bidding for him. Infra tasked the Harbingers to seek out his revenge. Unable to directly attack the remnants of the Omni Empire, Infra instead turned to the lower-tech species known as the Ghorax. After managing to convert most of them into Harbingers, the Ghorax were directed to wipe out the Omni and become the next galactic superpower. Their reign of terror remained uncontested for thousands of years until the rise of the First Galactic Senate.


With the First Galactic War occurring, the Karnasaurs could no longer fight the Harbingers beyond a stalemate. However, with the rise of the Vaikan and the Eteno, they were able to be dismantled and taken down.

Defeat of Infra

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With Infra destroyed, the last of the Harbingers was finally destroyed.