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Halflings are denizens of Khyorgan descended from the Dwarves and the Humans of a remote region of the Archei Mountain's foothills. The majority of them can be found in Andavronia as well as a few small islands in the southern latitudes.




Halfings are humanoids three feet in height, generally having slight builds and dark skin. Although their craniums are smaller than that of a human, Halflings are just as intelligent; their brains are structured differently.


Like humans, Halflings live together in communities. Many live a rural lifestyle in the south of Andavronia, but every rule has its exceptions. Clan Permulaan has a totally different lifestyle based around honour and battle. Permulaan Halflings are far more group oriented than other people since their short stature makes individual hunting difficult. They put honour in successful teamwork more so than individual effort, and they have a tendency to think of themselves as part of their village rather than as individuals.

Other Halfling societies exist in the

Notable Halflings


Civilizations of Halfling origin