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All information is flowing, has flowed and will flow through here simultaneously. There is no time or space here; the Gyrus exists outside of them. As a result, the Gyrus is connected to all clusters of all sorts. These connections are called Ley lines in Earth's world and Skitchers in the Primanna. Dreamwalkers unknowingly go through the Gyrus when they transport themselves to another world. A few people have the ability to stay 'in' the Gyrus long enough to exert greater control over where and when they go.


The Gyrus is described as a vast space, with strange lights of different colours.


Entering the Gyrus is difficult; few dreamwalkers know it exists.

Gyrus crumbs

Main article: Gyrus crumbs

Gyrus crumbs are failed worlds that end up stuck in the Gyrus and do not become more separate.