Gulf of Segara

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The Gulf of Segara is a large body of water to the west of the South Nautilus Isles, and it is enclosed by the Gibral Peninsula to the northeast.

The gulf is named as such because many underwater ruins from the Segaran Technocracy were discovered here. The Abyssal Machine was believed to have been constructed in this area, but the deadly construct has been known to travel as far as Karang Batu.


Much of the life in this region can also be found off the coast of many of the South Nautilus Isles.


  • Hitchhiker kelp - A species of plant that extends from the ocean floor. Any ships that touch it will have the kelp seeds planted on it until they fall of later and seeded elsewhere.


  • Eye Manta - A flying manta ray with one large eye. It is known for its deadly barbed tail.
  • Hederellid - A colonial animal similar to coral. They are more numerous in the shallower regions.
  • Lagoonite - A bipedal sea creature that dwells the ocean depths. They are feral, hostile monsters known to attack ships.
  • Qualobite - A four-eyed trilobite creature that lives in the shallow regions of the ocean.
  • Segaran stonefish - A highly poisonous subspecies of stonefish that inhabits the depths of the gulf. However, a powerful anti-venom derived from their spines is commercially available in the Polvora Empire.