Guardians of Secrets

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The Guardians of Secrets are a widespread group of individuals present during the era of the Omni Empire. According to their mission statement, they were handpicked by different Titans to protect all of the unused, and abandoned Titan cities and technology, keeping it a secret so that their vastly superior weapons would not find their ways into the hands of greedy, tyrannical rulers. The Guardians are normal, mortal people from every race in every universe, that live only for their duty to serve their Titan masters.


The Guardians of Secrets are an ancient order going back as far as the Empire of Arckas. After the empire was dismantled, some of their order chose to stay behind by having Na'zrah preserve their consciousnesses in the form of Boltzmaan entities or minor Titans.

The Guardians of Secrets eventually formed a splinter faction called the Dark Warriors who were responsible for defeating Emperor Haraxa. However, the Guardians of Secrets and the Dark Warriors both presumably went extinct when Infra directed the Ghorax to destroy the last remnants of the Omni Empire.