Great Spirit War

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Great Spirit War
Date 4195-present

(113 years)

Location Coracan
Status Ongoing
Commanders and leaders
Main Metaparliament leaders

The Sun

Casualties and losses
Total dead: Unknown Total dead: Unknown

Some time before the turn of the last century, some Id started to organise a shadow government in opposition to the official Parliament of the Gods. This was in response to many gods waning power and the rapid decrease in the numbers of people who knew anything about dreamwalking or the metasphere. A human recession, they figured, was the right time to start.

Beginning (4195-4251)

In 4195, the Shadow Parliament was officially declared in defiance of the Parliament and the Triarchs; this ended a long-time truce between Id and non-Id metaorganisms on Coracan that had increasingly fragile over the years. For the time being, however, the Shadow Parliament did not engage in all-out war. They simply ramped up the ever-present background guerrilla war. Slowly, over the next four decades, the Shadow Parliament pushed and spread Eupatriotism as much as was in their power to do so. It was during this time that there was a rift between the Triarchs, causing further difficulties for the Parliament.

Panthalassa War (4251-4258)

Then, in 4251, the Shadow Parliament went on a full frontal assault. Alongside the soldiers, Id and Parliamentarians clashed in the fight for humanity. This was a serious wake up call for the Parliamentarians, who had been quite complacent after a long period of peace. The Triarchs resumed their normal roles and worked together again.

For several years, the Parliamentarians went without any major victories. Just when it looked like the Parliamentarians would break, however, the human Coalition attacked the Eupatriot administrative centres with bombs vastly more powerful than anything seen before. Few combatants in the Great Spirit War had seen it coming. Following this, the Eupatriots were defeated and consequently, the Id faction's power decreased.

Between 4258-c.4270, the Shadow Parliament returned to guerrilla warfare, which the Parliamentarians were unable to effectively confine or control.

Lull in fighting (4270-4315)

Between c.4270-c.4315, was a welcome 45-year period of relative peace due to the good times the world was enjoying. (Except for the temporary hysteria around the 4300 'Century Bug', some less enormous economic downturns and some terrible events that made global headlines).

Present (4315-present)

But, another great economic downturn (4307-4313), has greatly fractured the peace. The Id faction is on the rise again and recent years have seen a rapid increase in Id attacks that even most humans who'd normally be unaware of this sort of thing are picking up on.

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