Government of the United Provinces

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The Federal Government of the United Provinces, also referred to as the Darsi Government, is the national government of the United Provinces, a federal directorial republic in the Far North Arm comprising 58 provinces and 14 territories.

The United Provinces of Darya was formed in 160 TE upon the unification of the planet Darya and its colonies in the surrounding Adal system. The Charter that gave effect to this agreement provides for Four Sources of Federal Power — the People (Mon), the Elected (Monbasen), the Judiciary (Adalam), and the Military (Vash'acim), whose powers are vested in the Montash, Toplanta, the federal courts, and the Vashkurum, respectively. The powers and duties of these branches of government are further defined by People's Resolutions (Socunma).




Interstellar Council

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Federal Court

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