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In Erudite Tales, a god is a being of comprised of powerful amounts of divine energy.


Elemental gods

The First Pantheon, also known as the elemental gods, was comprised of energy tied directly to the United Plane itself, and thus, they were anthropomorphic personifications of the elements. They served as guardians of the United Plane. After the Shattering, all of the First Pantheon died because their life force relied on the entire existence of the United Plane. It is not known if there are any Elemental gods left.

Cosmic god

The new gods born after the Shattering do not follow this classification as they are instead born from free floating cosmic energy. In contrast to the Demons who personified vices, the Gods were personifications of the virtues. Gods start off as genies - a larval state which has a personality considered very innocent and naive. Only when they understand the nature of imperfection and flaws of the physical do they actually mature into full-fledged gods.

In terms of physiology, elemental and cosmic gods are completely different beings, but they are both classified as gods as they serve the same role for mortals.


Ouroboros was the first god to exist in Erudite, and he created the other elemental gods by personifying aspects of the United Plane. For example, Ema is the personification of motherhood.


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The Gods themselves have built many of their own landmarks and locations.

List of known Gods

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