Gidun Yat

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Gidun Yat
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Born 22 Kad 4235 (84)
Residence B96, Kessal Prefecture, Darana
Nationality Daranese
Citizenship Daranese
Alma mater University of Darana
Occupation Civil engineer
Years active 4264-4298
Era Modern
Organization Daranese Army (4251-4259)
Home town Darana
Species Human
Height 172 cm
Spouse(s) Yachome Meredok (4252-4276, her disappearance)
Children Aritu, Emali, Amechisit, Beryl, Achisime, Nalo, Tergeren and Isabil
Parents Bill and Maran Yat
Family Daora, granddaughter

Gidun Yat (born 22 Kad 4235) is a Daranese octogenarian and grandfather of Daora Meredok. He is a retired engineer living in B96, Kessal Prefecture, Darana.

Early Life

Yat was born in 4235 to Bill and Maran Yat, who were Cassavellian immigrants. He was the first of his family to have been born in Darana.

Panthalassa War

Gidun Yat witnessed the first Serulus landing on live television in 4249. When war broke out less than two years later, he joined the army as a 15-year-old volunteer. At the time, recruitment officials believed that if a recruit was fit and willing to fight, their age shouldn't matter.

He was deployed in Cassavel, participated in the Battle of Sipigrangor and eventually the Seige of Darana. The military rescue mission rescued him from the island.

After Project Toba was carried out, ending the war, he helped liberate Cassavel and Darana.

Marraige and Family

Before the Panthalassa War broke out, Yat entered into a relationship with Yachome Meredok. When Darana was being blockaded, the relationship resumed.

When it seemed clear to the couple that Darana would fall, they married. He would be evacuated only five days later.

During the occupation, Yachome gave birth to their firstborn, a girl named Bil in 4253. After the War, they had eight more kids, nine in total: Aritu, Emali, Amechisit, Beryl, Achisime, Nalo, Tergeren and Isabil (Daora's mother).

He lives in Kessal Prefecture, Darana, with his granddaughter, Daora.

Education and Career

Yat studied engineering at the University of Darana after the end of the War. Despite having his education being put on hold during the War, he did well in university. After five years, he became an engineer, working to rebuild the shattered city. He retired in 4298, after a 34-year-long career.


After Daora's second birthday, Daora's parents separated (both disappearing soon after) and Yat volunteered to take care of her.