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Genies are reality-manipulating beings that are known to have appeared during the creation of Khyorgan. Born from the chaos of the Shattering, they are primordial beings that were originally destined to "grow up" into gods that were destined to replace the First Pantheon, but for one reason or another, they became imprisoned within some sort of sealing object such as a bottle or lamp. The sealing magic had caused them to stop aging, thus keeping them in a pre-divine form. While some were sealed long ago to contain their terrible powers, some genies had deliberately trapped themselves unable to bear the misery of the events of the Shattering.


Although they are not truly gods, they exhibit remarkable powers. Every genie is different from one another, but all of them have the powers to grant the wishes of mortals. They can conjure objects out of thin air and even change the flow of time.

Before being imprisoned within their sealed object, genies would often absorbing the memories of the gods and goddesses of the First Pantheon. This was initially the process of becoming part of the new replacement pantheons.

Known genies

  • Bara - Bara was initially referred to as a fire nymph until further research was conducted on her behaviors. She had sealed herself within the Mask of Bara after being driven into misery from inheriting Ema's memories.
  • Murni - Murni is responsible for the creation of the Segaran Technocracy which was an attempt to recreate a civilization in the United Plane before the Shattering based on his absorbed memories.
  • Pasir - One of the older genies, Pasir takes the form of a desert cat that once had the ability to manipulate time, a power that was stolen from him by Murni. Afterwards, Pasir went on to found the civilization of Waktu but his immortality outlasted them.