Galactic Crucibles

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Galactic Crucibles
Loremasters: Krayfishkarl • SupcommMonroee
Genre: Hard Science Fiction • Scope: Galactic • 24 articles

 Welcome to Galactic Crucibles!

Galactic Crucibles is a hard science fiction setting based primarily in the Milky Way Galaxy.




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In the distant past, millions of years before the appearance of humans lived an intergalactic civilization known as the Empire of Arckas said to have achieved a post-scarcity society with the assistance of a Matrioshka brain known as Na'zrah. The only reason this society did anything was for the sake of art, getting themselves impressed and awed to avoid an existential conflict. As such, they constructed numerous megastructures and built their own worlds, tampering with the natural evolution of organic life for their amusement. However, as their empire continued to expand, they became threatened when their massive consumption of energy showed signs of a premature heat death of the universe. As such, Na'zrah concluded that the best course of action was for all of the empire's citizens to flee to other universes and abandon their work, an action which they had hesitated upon for ages as they feared their art would become meaningless. But after all of the empire's denizens vanished, numerous technological artifacts were left behind for future species to discover. And with the lack of maintenance of their creations, Na'zrah was forced to go into a conservation mode where more than 99% of its modules had to be shut down, reducing its spread from an entire universe to a single solar system.

Many of the species that arose and evolved as a result of the empire's experiments, one in particular being the Republic of the Omni, begun to revere the leftover artifacts as works of the gods. When they discovered the potential of the Na'zrah supercomputer, they decided to build their own idol in Na'zrah's image which they called LUCIS. LUCIS would be programmed to recreate the perfect society that the Empire of Arckas had created, but a side effect of the Omni's imperfect programming caused LUCIS to be far more aggressive, forcing other species under his control by emitting waves of infrasound and other signals to slowly brainwash and indoctrinate entire galaxies to convert the population into willing slaves.

Though LUCIS reigned for tens of thousands of years, he did not last forever when one of Na'zrah's cores known as Antocula calculated a 100% likelihood of the fall of the Omni Empire, and that no other variables could be introduced that could avert it. Likewise, this prophesied the rise of a paramilitary organization known as the Dark Warriors who sabotaged LUCIS's servers, forcing the AI into hibernation. With the Omni Empire having collapsed, new civilizations could rise in their place such as a new congregation of species known as the Galactic Senate. However, if LUCIS were to awaken again, history could very well repeat itself.