Galactic Core Zone

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This article is about the galactic core of the Crucible Galaxy. For other uses, see Galactic Core.

The Galactic Core Zone consists of the vast amount of stars surrounding the supermassive singularity at the center of the Crucible Galaxy. Much of it has remained unexplored as the intense gravity wells and radiation makes it dangerous to explore.


While the stars around the Galactic Core have very high metallicities, the radiation from the core makes it difficult for life to evolve. Most life on planets around the Galactic Core will have either evolved completely underground or with a metallic carapace that would shield them from the radiation.

Planets are relatively uncommon as shock waves from nearby stars blow apart the proto-planetary discs of others. Nonetheless, it is still possible.

Current use

Many trade routes between empires will pass through the Galactic Core, not going through its direct center but either over or under it. Therefore, the planets which are closest to the Galactic Core tend to be economic hubs.

Karalian Empire territory

Globular Cluster Z


Ghoraxlands Sector Zero

Ghoraxlands Sector Y