Frozen Vale

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Frozen Vale is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Vedfolnir, North Eidyn, Teleios and Gierkliff. A massive river valley, the region is known for its floodplains and abundant forests. The region is also infamous for the legendary "Curse of the Vale" that has seemed to fall upon the region.


Despite the region being cursed, the land is very lush and often considered a winter wonderland. Near the valley walls the most life thrives, as the icy waters of the Ouraag River have not quite reached out and killed the plant life. Closer to the river it is much more icy and desolate. Carcasses of animals impaled by icy shards during flood times also scatter the banks of the river. Farther north near the mouth of the river there are frozen stalagmites where the water gushed and froze.

Points of Interest

Ouraag River

The Ouraag River is a large river that empties into the Winter Lake. A fast flowing current of ice and water, the river is a very dangerous place to be. The freezing cold temperature of the waters is enough to kill a man unprotected or unsuspecting, and the pieces of ice in the river itself can get big enough to impale a bear (which they have done in the past when bears went to the river for fish). The only thing that does live near the river are large vultures that lure animals to the river to be killed before feeding on them.

Great Stalagmites

Three extremely large stalagmite towers that were used once by some unknown civilization (presumably the Moroitos). not much is known about these towers, but its rumored the Frozen Throne is inside one of them. Many adventurers have tried to find it in order to break the Curse of the Vale to no avail.