Felicia Silver

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Felicia Silver
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Born 2010s
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Organization SomniCorps
Home town Phoenix, AZ
Species Human
Abilities Superhearing, steel claws, shapeshifting, short-range teleportation, fox-like agility

Felicia Silver is a young girl who was born as a skinwalker. She comes from a long line of other skinwalkers who remained in hiding to avoid persecution by others who feared them for their abilities to transform into animals. Felicia often takes the form of a fox and displays animalistic tendencies even in human form.


Felicia is clever and crafty, but very impulsive. She often bends the rules and seeks out loopholes which often gets her into trouble. She often puts her worries and concerns behind her, often too much for her own good.


When Felicia was six years old, her parents were killed by witchhunters, a group of Guardians dedicated to slaying Id-like beings with human-level intelligence. A skinwalker named Blake had framed them for a crime, making them immediate targets to be executed by the witchhunters. Since then, she roamed the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, living life as a homeless thief.

On the day of Felicia's sixteenth birthday, she was caught by local law enforcement. Normally, she can easily evade them, but this time they were accompanied by Coyote who swiftly caught her. As it turned out, it became more common for the police to be accompanied by a supernatural being or skilled dreamwalker to deal with supernatural encounters.

Only shortly after, Felicia was delivered over to SomniCorps. At the time, the minimum age to join was 18, but with the threat of the invasion by the Goar, SomniCorps had no choice but to broaden their criteria to get all the help she could get. Felicia was powerful, but she was young and inexperienced. Coyote, who at this point was an admin in SomniCorps, would train her and teach her self-control and discipline. Coyote would become not only Felicia's trainer but also a surrogate father to her.

Felicia has super hearing and can move very quickly as if she were a panther climbing a tree. She can also teleport a short distance and use her razor sharp claws to cut through steel. Felicia is impulsive and quick to react. She is powerful, but rarely thinks things through often getting herself into trouble.