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Federal Republic of Kiyal-de'an
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Flag of Kjhelde State seal of Kjhelde
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Kjhelde
(and largest city)
Largest city Kiyal-de
Nationalities (4312)
  • 89% Kjhelde
  • 6% Foreigners
  • 5% Immigrants
Demonym Kjhelde
Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Legislature Parliament
 • 4315 estimate 47,359,000 (20th)
Currency Eyoan Eyo (EYO)
Drives on the Left
ISO 3166 code KD
Internet TLD .kd

Kjhelde, formally the Federal Republic of Kjhelde (endonym: Kiyal-de'an) It is home to a substantial industry, fertile farmland and a rich history.

Kjhelde (sometimes Kjheldan) is a corruption of the Kjhelic Kiyal-de'an, meaning 'country of the Kiyal people'.


Main article: History of Kjhelde

Eupatriot Kjhelde

Main article: Eupatriot Kjhelde

Following the Long Depression, the government of Kjhelde moved towards a eupatriot ideology. During the heated competition of the Serulean Space Race, nationalism was kicked into high gear.

Following the end of the Panthalassa War

Modern Kjhelde

Since the end of the Panthalassa War, Kjhelde has become an economic powerhouse of the Eyozon.


Along the southern coast, Kjhelde is bordered by the Marbug Sea and the Bay of Cassavel to the east and west respectively. The north-western border is defined by the Singel River (on the other side of which is Cassavel), until it enters the foothills of the Taharas mountains. The border travels along the edge of the foothills until the intersection with the Gengua River. Kjhelde's border follows the Genua before reaching to the coast again.

Kjhelde is defined mostly by wide grasslands with most people living along the coastal plains and along the Gengua and Singel rivers.


Kjhelde is a Federal Republic


Most (65%) of Kjhelic people are of the Kiyal people group. South of the Gengua, there is a sizable minority of Dallin people (who have their own unrelated language and make a majority in some areas). Minorities of many other ethnicities also exist.

Major Cities

Kjhelde is highly urbanised, about 80% of its people live in an urban area.