Eros Ka'Rinah

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Eros Ka'Rinah (Demons of Eros) were a contemporary to the Allied Sovereign Nations. They consisted of genetically revived Lusari, a gelatinous species capable of shifting to appear as an ideal mate.

Thousands of years prior, even though the Sinister Hegemony and all of its members were all extinct, the Drallan Federal Monarchy had preserved the DNA of these species in an attempt to study them. With the fall of the DFM, roaming space pirates discovered the location of these DNA samples and took special interest in the Lusari. These pirates known as the nation of Sadur set up a base on the planet Nerisuc - the Lusari's original homeworld - and used cloning technology to recreate the Lusari as they were 5,000 years ago. Sadur eventually molded the Lusari into becoming assassins, increasing their intelligence and extending their lifespan to 25 years. These Lusari became known as the Eros Ka'Rinah.

The Eros Ka'Rinah, though they were assassins, were still considered to be slaves. They were often sold to nobles who wanted to either get rid of anyone suspected of cheating on them or to simply limit rival bloodlines - anything from firstborns to illegitimate children were possible targets. The Lusari would often disguise themselves in a way that allowed them to get close to a target, either as a servant or another noble. When the target was vulnerable, the Lusari would engulf and consume them through shapeshifting, digesting their body and absorbing any DNA they could for themselves to be used later for their own asexual reproduction. If the victim had any valuables on them, they would be regurgitated and confiscated by the Lusari’s owner to be either melted down or sold off.

The Lusari would have been sluggish for a few days after the kill, but would otherwise be able to effectively dispose of the body. The assassin received no monetary reward as the meal itself was considered compensation. The body often contained valuable nutrients usually enough to heal any injuries they may have sustained in the assassination attempt.

Even the legendary crime lord and founder of the Allied Sovereign Nations, Sokeja Skaista was confirmed to have used at least one among her network of spies when she suspected a traitor in her ranks. However, when one of her own children was eaten by an Eros Ka’Rinah used by an enemy faction, she swore to never use them again, euthanizing all the Lusari she owned.

During the era of the Allied Sovereign Nations, there was an ongoing paranoia that almost anyone could be a Lusari. Their increase in number and difficulty to tell apart from the species they were imitating often lead to false accusations and witchhunts. However, those that live in the present day can rest easy knowing that all Lusari are dead. Because the Lusari’s reproduction and digestive systems were intrinsically linked, the moment the Lusari were afflicted by the sterility plague, their ability to metabolize energy was disabled. Thus, within hours of acquiring the plague, they starved to death. Since then, there have been no attempts to resurrect the Lusari as the original preserved samples from the era of the DFM are no longer viable for cloning.