Empire of Meryo

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Empire of Meryo
Ta Meryo Basoru

4310 AK–160 TE
Capital Hōjo
Languages Meryo
Religion Native folk religions (before 420 AK)
Sommizol (after 420 AK)
Government Absolute monarchy (4310–578 AK)
Constitutional monarchy (578 AK–160 TE)
 -  4310–4294 AK Mēra (first)
 -  145–160 TE Hēwa (last)
Chairman of the Council of Ministers
 -  578–569 AK Heshiko Sora (first)
 -  158–160 TE Āmanko Senin (last)
Legislature Council of Ministers
 -  Collapse of the First Realm 4328 AK
 -  Enthronement of Mēra 4310 AK
 -  Conquest of Zhang 3654–2 AK
 -  Monbana-Meryo War 3654–3640 AK
 -  Meryo Revolution 583–579 AK
 -  Constitution adopted 14 Luksaris 578 AK
 -  Unification of Darya 1 Anaris 160 TE
Currency Koga

The Empire of Meryo (Meryo: Ta Meryo Basoru, literally "Great Meryo Realm") was the historical nation-state that governed the territory of the modern Milus (nation) of Meryo. It was one of the cradles of Darsi civilisation, and was one of Darya's great powers throughout antiquity through to the unification of Darya. Meryo was considered to be one of the most enduring of the old Darsi states, coexisting with such powers as the Monbana, Kartasiki and Mavibi Empires. It was known for its persistent monarchical system of government, which was unusual for Darsi societies. In 578 AK, following a violent revolution, the Articles of Governance was adopted. This Constitution became one of the primary inspirations for the modern Commonwealth Charter, and is among the oldest written constitutions in Darsi history.