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The Empire of Arckas was the greatest governing body to directly follow the fall of the Alkan. Often referred to as the perfect civilization, it flourished four billion years ago, and according to legend, had directly interacted with the Titans on a regular basis. Most evidence of their existence lies within Novarckas, a rare Dyson sphere.

The Empire of Arckas' creation was guided by the Titan Arckas who pioneered the idea of a perfect civilization where his kind and mortals could live in harmony, a definitive paradise and utopia with no negative drawbacks to it. Arckas on some occasions is believed to be I the Creator due to the way he was worshiped and portrayed, but archaeological evidence suggests that he was an ordinary Titan, but with a lot of influence. At best, Arckas can be described as shaping civilization in Omni 01, not actually being the one to have actually created it. In spite of this, many Arckasians still believed that Arckas was some kind of anthropomorphic representation of I although Arckas neither confirmed nor denied this.

The Empire of Arckas' inhabitants fled to other universes to avoid causing Omni 01's heat death.


As time goes one, the Titans seem fewer and fewer, never increasing in number in a rapidly expanding universe. There was a time when the inverse was smaller, before much of its expansion began, where the Titans created whole galaxies, designing them and all within them, building massive cities where they lived together in great numbers along with their earliest living creations. Many of these ancient cities are hidden on non valuable planets, or buried beneath the surface of larger ones.


The former capital city of the Titans, Arckadium was built on the Dyson Sphere, now called Novarckas, which was also designed, piece by piece, by the Titans. The city of Arckadium was nearly the size of the continent of Australia. Once the Titans thinned out, and intelligent life was set up to flourish on its own, the city was taken and hidden within the planet, deep within Mt. Arterius. Today, the city is empty.


Jerusalem is located on a partially desert, partially volcanic planet. It's a sanctuary in an apocalyptic wasteland filled with its own food, water, and atmosphere. The city of Jerusalem is the newest city of the Titans, and is a place where the Guardians of Secrets and many of the Ancients go for rest. It's walls, gates, and floors are protected with Titanic symbols that literally prevent the mind from becoming hostile and keeps only pure thoughts abound. It is also protected by a massive "magical" barrier that wards away any enemies. Jerusalem is practically invulnerable, and is meant to stand as a sanctuary where people from all sides of any conflict can come together in peace. The location of the city is only known by the Ancients and the Titans; mortals and psuedo mortals cannot reach it without the assistance of either of them.


Babel was originally meant to be a recurring design in many of the Ancients' cities. The city is composed of a vast fertile landscape with few houses surrounding a single colossal tower where all of the functional parts of the city and most of the housing lies. While there are several cities built by the Ancients that copy this design, most of them are destroyed; many of which were destroyed by Titans who disliked the idea of Ancients becoming as powerful as the Titans themselves. Babel itself still exists, and is the home to quite a few of the Ancients as well as many psuedo mortals.

Val Hala

Val Hala is a city located in mid space on a giant floating continent near the center of the galaxy. The once mythical afterlife of Norse mythos, Val Hala was once home to several Titans and thousands of Ancients. It is still populated by the resurrected souls of warriors who died bearing arms, who were raised and made psuedo mortal in this city by the Ancients who served the Titans that once lived there. While many Ancients still call Val Hala home, most of them have moved on to venture other parts of the universe. If any mortal enters Val Hala that wasn't initially meant to be there, they would come under attack by hordes of undying warrior culture individuals.

The Underworld

The Underworld was created by the Titan called Hades. This city lies underground on an unknown planet somewhere off the edge of the galaxy. It is home to millions of souls who were taken up by Hades in a war against other Titans many thousands of years ago. Before the war, Hades had his power revoked by Arckas. Harnesing mortal souls is one way Ancients can collect power, and with the millions of souls at Hades disposal, he led a massive campaign against his former brethren, only to be ultimately defeated and cast out of existence. The city still remains and the millions of lost and wandering souls lie there forever. The Underworld is still home to hundreds of races of demons both created by Hades and imported from other universes, and is also home to a few Ancients who still wander the cavernous deeps.


Home of the greatest Necromancers ever to live, Necropolis is a huge city surrounding a massive citadel where a Titan of undeath, name Necros, lives. Necropolis is surrounded by a barrier of invisibility that cloaks the city completely from all mortal sensory. Both Ancients of undeath, and undead Ancients walk the city streets, along with various other undead minions that powerful Necromancers have raised and brought here. The Boneyard Necromancers, as they call themselves, have waged brutal and merciless wars of genocide against civilizations across the universe, collecting more undead hordes to act on their behalf. They are unfriendly towards all peoples and avoid communications most of the time. The Boneyard Necromancers aren't much more powerful than most mortal civilizations, but with technology and divine powers that their victims can never understand, they usually render their opponents helpless with weapons they cannot defend against.


Nazaru was one of the oldest Titan cities being built out of stone. The city itself was built on planet Alk'charis to model the design of Babel - however, it nearly covered the entire planet. Later, the planet was hit by an enormous solar flare millions of years ago which turned Alk'charis into a wasteland, and life was almost completely extinct. Most structures were either left in ruins or buried in sand. Somewhere within these badlands are the Great Towers of Nazaru, a set of gigantic towers each about one mile tall yet the constant electrical storms makes them difficult for even the most advanced ships to find. What makes Nazaru rather interesting is that even though it followed the Babel design, multiple towers were used as the population of the native species has begun to explode. Nazaru is also notable for being located in a rather unstable region of space; the Titan Uszaroth was actually summoned in modern times in a temple that is now currently underground.

Monuments and landmarks


The "Tree of the Universe" is located in Val Hala, and is nearly as large as the Earth. The tree was once believed to be the make-up of the entire universe, and is an object of great significance to the Vikings in Val Hala.

Mt. Arterius

The largest mountain in the universe is located on the planet Novarckas, and within its stones lies the lost capital city of the Titans, Arckadium. Mt. Arterius is as tall as the Earth is thick, and supports an ecosystem to rival that of many of the most life filled planets. It is theorized that the core of Arterius is where the Titans stored their most precious ores, the kind used to create their most valuable metals. It's original name is lost in time, but its modern name was given in honor of Grand Admiral Arterius Novarckas of the Great Horned Dragon Empire.

Cathedral of the Old Realm

The Cathedral of the Old Realm is the single oldest Titan construct existing long before the current universe came into existence. It's interiors are the last remaining objects that physically exist in the old universe before it was destroyed by Vernietigen. The Titan named Dominion currently looks after it as a reminder to the other Titans of what happens if the universe gets destroyed.

It is widely believed that this cathedral was the former place of worship of the Ancients. Nearly every Titan is depicted on a stained glass window, the strongest ones being depicted in the main hallway while the "I' appears as a statue in the main altar. Only the main chapel still exists though Dominion has the power to create more rooms. However, Dominion was told to never build beyond the cathedral itself as that would defeat his purpose.


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The Empire of Arckas endured for eons as it continued to spread and assimilate all intelligent life under its rule. But as powerful and successful as it was, it could not last forever as Na'zrah realized the grim possibility that its expanding size and excessive use of computational energy could mean the premature heat death of the universe. This led to the introduction of the Anathema by the Ron'Ky named Sarak. The Anathema would reset the universe to the pre-Big Bang state should it ever near the heat death, but it would still be a lose-lose situation as either way, it would mean the destruction of the empire. As a result, their appearance in Omni 01 led to some panic especially after Na'zrah speculated about alternate timelines where the Anathema would attempt to devour the entire multiverse. Undoubtedly, the denizens of Arckas wanted to live a life of eternity as death was not supposed to be inevitable for them.

At some point though, Na'zrah decided that the best way to deal with this inevitable issue was to simply spread the empire into parallel universes to effectively render the resource crisis obsolete. For a long time, this was never considered because of how meaningless it would make the empire - it was not so much of a technological limitation as it was an ethical issue. Even to the empire, the many-worlds theory was considered far too disturbing and that the Bekenstein Limit was the one true ideal. It was never Arckas' intention to have creations spread across the whole multiverse as he wished for other universes to take on their own path. Ultimately, all the denizens along with virtually all alien civilization vanished into these other parallel universes leaving Na'zrah all alone. For millions of years, no other intelligent civilizations would arise leaving it empty and quiet.

Eventually, Na'zrah was rediscovered by the Republic of the Omni who would begin to build on the remains of the Empire of Arckas. This eventually led to the creation of the malevolent-natured VERN. While the Empire of Arckas would see a number of successors, none of them could truly match what it once was.

Arckas' Fate

Disappointed by this outcome, Arckas left Omni 01 entirely and lost himself in the multiverse to work on other creations. He was never seen again in Omni 01 after this as he left his legacy in the hands of Na'zrah. While wandering among the multiverse, Arckas met other Titans to learn from their creative techniques. Arckas realized that he could diversify his creations by making them purposely imperfect, and thus, he came back with a renewed interest, creating other universes of his own. Arckas would continue to craft other civilizations and universes, learning what he can and gaining experience in telling good stories.