Emil Amaranth

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Emil Amaranth
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Born 11 March 2001, Nevada
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Organization SomniCorps
Species Human
Family Damien Amaranth, older brother

Emil Amaranth is a 17-year old boy who grew up a lonely existence among a small village of warlocks in Nevada. Having grown up with neglectful parents who often gambled away their money, his older brother Damien was his primary caretaker throughout most of his youth. However, in Emil’s final years of high school, his parents gambled away his college funds and lost. As his parents were also warlocks, they thought they could cheat by manipulating luck and probability to their favor, but they were caught cheating. As a result, Damien snapped, unable to forgive his parents, murdering them both. Emil could not forgive Damien and as a result, ran away.

Emil swears revenge on his brother. However, his ability to cast curses was taken into consideration by SomniCorps and he was recruited as part of the team.