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This timeline details events that have taken place on Earth.


  • Humans in Ethiopia discover the World Tree.
  • Some humans become Zula. They build many cities.
  • Fire Heist crew steals the flames from the World Tree to give all humans the ability to dreamwalk.
  • The Zula-Goar War occurs.
  • The First Rupture occurs.

11th century

13th century

16th century

  • 1545-1565 - Ahona Tribe falls from power. Most get assimilated into either Mexico or other Native American tribes. A few remain to preserve the dreamwalking tradition.

17th century

  • ~1696 - Henry Avery, among other pirates, founds the independent dreamworld of Libertalia.
  • ~1700 - Henry Avery invades Coracan, disappearing into the Primanna cluster.

19th century


20th century



  • 1941
    • December 7 - Japan bombs Pearl Harbor.
  • 1942
    • Leopoldo Martines commissions as an officer in the United States Navy.
    • June 4 - June 7 - The Battle of Midway occurs.
    • December 16 - SomniLabs founded.
  • 1945
    • Leopoldo Martines reaches the rank of Lieutenant.
    • Battle of the Dragon's Triangle - Phoenix Psionics retaliate against the Yumekage.
      • Leopoldo Martines is taken prisoner by the Yumekage.
    • August 6 - The United States drops a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.
    • August 9 - The United States drops a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki.
  • 1946
    • Mark Wendal discovers Coracan. His discovery is not uncovered for decades.
    • The Ahona and Yumekage make peace. Leopoldo Martines marries Kyoko Fujiwara



  • Gabriela Ore starts a spiritual movement to bring recognition to Ahona culture.




21st century



  • 2018 - Teju Jagua invades Earth
  • 2019 - Official first contact between Earth and Coracan.