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This timeline details events that have taken place on Earth


Fire Heist crew steals the flames from the World Tree to give imagination to humans. The Great Spirit remains neutral, but the other gods are split on Coyote's actions. Coyote gets sent to Earth in the 1990s while the rest of the crew are locked up in prisons.

11th century

~ 1000 AD - Ahona tribe is founded.

16th century

1545-1565 - Ahona Tribe falls from power. Most get assimilated into either Mexico or other Native American tribes. A few remain to preserve the dreamwalking tradition.

17th century

~ 1696 - Henry Avery, among other pirates, founds the independent dreamworld of Libertalia.
~ 1700 - Henry Avery invades Coracan, disappearing into the Primanna cluster.

20th century


1944 December 16 - SomniLabs founded.
1946 - Mark Wendal discovers Coracan. His discovery is not uncovered for decades.


Yuun starts a spiritual movement to bring recognition to Ahona culture.


Lewis Beaumont moves to America to work for SomniLabs. Lewis collaborates with Yuun to create an efficient way to dreamwalk to fight the Soviets during the Cold War. There's some sort of dreamwalking disaster that happens as well.
1989 - SomniLabs is shut down and their research is now deemed no longer legal. The Ahona Tribe are still allowed to practice their traditions, but must be kept secret.


1999 - Apocalypse of 1999 occurs. Earth temporarily disappears stranding the entire human population in limbo. However, Amie Garland defeats Vernietigen to restore Earth.

21st century


2018 - Dreamwalking Thesis published by Charlotte Beaumont and Oliver Ore, bringing more public awareness of dreamwalking

2019 - Official first contact between Earth and Coracan.


2020 - Praxis invades Earth.