Dwarf (Erudite Tales)

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This article is about the race in Erudite Tales. For the spirits in Dreamwalkers, see Dwarf (Dreamwalkers).

Dwarfs (Homo validus, also known as Dawi) are short, stout humanoids related to Humans.


Dwarves are a short race, as their name implies, standing between 4'3" and 4'9" on average, with some dwarves being a bit shorter or taller. Brow ridges tend to be more pronounced, and shoulder width and physical strength tends to be bulkier than humans. A dwarf can weigh anywhere from about 160 to 220 lbs. Dwarven males are a bit taller and heavier than their female counterparts.

Dwarves evolved to live near caves in highly mountainous areas. To cope with the dimly lit regions which they normally inhabit, dwarves evolved to have large eyes, allowing them to see more clearly even in darkness.

Like humans, dwarves have a wide variety of skin, eye, and hair colors, typically pale among the mountain-dwelling dwarves and deeply tanned or brown amongst those dwarves that adventure the outside world. Hazel eyes are common throughout the race, with blue eyes a rare alternative.

Dwarves tend to be mature much faster than humans, reaching adulthood at merely ten years old. On average, their life span tends to range from 80 to 100 years old.