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The Duplicitous
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Born Time immemorial
Other names Duplicitum
Years active Time immemorial-present
Employer None
Known for Murder, illusionry
Style Slow and cruel
Children Millions of Dubias

The Duplicitous Dubium is an ancient, powerful illusionist and sadist motivated entirely by hedonistic pleasure. It is an ancient enemy of humanity and of the Shifters.


It's a cockroach that delights in gaslighting people - it describes the delusions it creates as a 'parallel reality' It revels in stripping away a person's memory and personality, turning their thought processes into tiny circles (CHS), and egging people on to commit horrible acts. But it can do far worse. The Dubium is physically incapable of overpowering a host, so it has to resort to sneakier means to get its gaslighting high. It delights in suffering, confusion, crippling self-doubt and challenging a person's preconceived notions. Like a romance scammer, anyone can be targeted. Anyone can become a victim. Regardless of intelligence, 'gullibility', philosophy, metaphysical training or other factors.

It takes one kind of evil to murder someone. But it takes a cowardly, especially cruel, evil to convince someone to kill themselves.


Removing The Dubium, or one of its millions of children (all of which are believed to be incapable of growing a moral compass), is an arduous process, often taking years and a large amount of counselling and support. Remedies along the lines of 'man up' and 'pull yourself together' are insensitive at best and counter-productive at worst. On the other hand, the Dubium cannot be blamed for all mental illnesses, as they have many causes, many of which have nothing to with id or spirits.


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The Dubium has millions of insectoid offspring, which have spread throughout the Primanna. Due to the weakening of the Metaparliament in the last decade, dubias have rapidly increased in number, outstripping efforts at control by spiritual authorities. This has coincided with increased pressure on the mental healthcare systems of Coracan, many of which are inappropriate, underfunded or non-existent.

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