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A Dubia is an insectoid offspring of the Dubium. Like their father, dubias are sadistic illusionists, gaining hedonistic pleasure from tearing people's mind's apart bit by bit, as cruelly as possible.


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The dubias are children of the infamous Duplicitous Dubium, an ancient and powerful illusionist.


Dubias take the shape of cockroaches, varying in size, power and strength with age. Older dubias are stronger. However, they are fairly useless in open battle against most beings. If they successfully latch on to a host, they can cause CHS, wild delusions and darkened, warped, perceptions of reality.


The Metaparliament maintains a programme to control the population growth and spread of dubias. This task is most often given to Shifters. However, in the last decade, with the weakening of the Metaparliament, the population of dubias has rapidly increased. This has coincided with a surge in pressure on the mental healthcare systems of Coracan, many of which are inappropriate, underfunded or non-existent.

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