Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent

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The following article is about something in the real world. As such, it is written in an out-of-universe style.

Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent is an upcoming 3D fantasy RPG created with Unreal Engine 4. The below information is subject to change as development progresses.


Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent, is a fantasy RPG being created with Unreal Engine. It will be set in a fully three-dimensional world and feature JRPG-inspired combat. The game will significantly focus on a strong narrative and dynamic, developed characters.


The game will have two playable modes - an overworld, exploration mode where one can wander freely in an open world, and a battle mode - initiated by either a random or scripted encounter on the overworld. The combat system puts a unique spin on turn-based mechanics - with three playable heroes at one time, one can choose who to attack at any time so long as the character's action bars are filled up.


Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent takes place in the titular Dreamwalkers setting in the year 2017, when a girl named Amie Garland ends up in the world of Averlam having no memory.