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Loremasters: Krayfishkarl • TheReturnOfTheKing
Genre: Surreal/Low Fantasy • Scope: Kingdom • 3 articles

Dreamwalkers is a fantasy setting prominently featuring the a setting where humans can use astral projection to travel to the dream world of Averlam.


Stylistic overview[edit]

In the Dreamwalkers setting, Earth as it is in the real world exists. Averlam and other dream realms are secondary worlds.

Setting overview[edit]

Throughout human history, humans have explored the dream world of Averlam to unlock the secrets to the human mind. In the dream worlds, raw creativity and willpower is the source of magic allowing dreamwalkers to perform miraculous feats to shape Averlam to their liking. Because of the blurry line between imagination and reality in this world, monsters take the form of negative emotions, spawns of a dark force known as the Antithesis. Hidden elsewhere are two other dream worlds known as Shachor and Golgotha which remain obscure but integral to the balance.

Entering the realm of modern science in the 1940’s, Averlam became subject to many Cold War era experiments engaged by both the United States and Russia. Often, the results were ethically dubious - the Russians accidentally created a rift in space-time that almost destroyed Averlam, and the United States saw the demise of 200 people in a colonization attempt of the dream worlds.

With the Cold War long since ended, Averlam today remains mostly quiet with the shamans keeping order, but the horrifying remnants of the past still persist. New enemies continuously threaten to throw Averlam into chaos.