Daora Meredok

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Daora Meredok
Draft artwork
Born 44 Janus 4302 Fa (17)
Residence Darana
Nationality Daranese
Citizenship Daranese
Era Modern
Home town Darana
Species Human
Height 159 cm
Parents Maraku Techam and Isabil Meredok
Family Gidun Yat, grandfather

Daora Meredok is a teenager from Darana.

Daora Meredok was born to Maraku Techam and Isabil Meredok on the 44th of Janus 4302. When she was two, her parents separated. The location and status of her parents are unknown, but Daora has a necklace with an inset of Ischerite, an heirloom from her mother. Since then, she has lived with her grandfather, Gidun Yat.


On the 23rd Charu 4310, Daora dreamwalked into Lupus Mundi and met the Kalengnam. She was unable to return for many years.

When she was nine, she met Tom Blackthorn, a boy her age. Even though she found out that he had CHS, she continued to be his friend; even when he faced estrangement from his friends. They formed a deep bond. By 12, their relationship slowly morphed into something different, something deeper, even as his condition worsened. She saw him as regularly as she could until he fell into a coma at 15. He remains in a coma to this day and his condition is uncertain.

Insanely, she wrote off this relationship as a fleeting crush to others, and sometimes herself, that she needed to get over. It was then that she eventually found four friends at school. She'd known them for a few years, but only now did she make her friendship with them more serious.

In 4318, an unknown monster erased her new friends from the memory of everyone except Daora and her grandfather, just as she was beginning to investigate Dreamwalking. Her grief she turned into action, a way to bury the feelings she can't quite identify under work. She chose to let her grandfather teach her about dreamwalking.


Daora was born with the ability to see spirits, memories and other psychic phenomena. After dreamwalking into Lupus Mundi, she repressed these traits to the point that she believed herself to not have these abilities. She's also able to read intentions and emotions substantially better than chance.