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This is a list of events that have taken place on Coracan. Dates shown are in the Oktal calendar.


This was the period before humans existed on Coracan.

Heroic Era 0-3373 (3,373 years)

The Heroic Era was the first period in which humans appear in the fossil record. It began about 33,000 years ago and ended around 30,000 years ago. It was during this period that humans spread across Coracan, developed agriculture, cities and civilisation.

1st millennium

0 H - Humans appear on Coracan

8th century

789 May 23 H - Yurnasmne born

9th century

802 Apar 10 - 819 9 Apar H - First war between humans and dragons on Coracan as humans expanded their range on the planet.
819 Apar 10 H - Yurnasmne plants her famous tree in Cassavel, bringing an end to to the First Dragon War

10th century

901 Arum 27 H - Yurnasmne dies at age 115

Golden Era 3373-6359 (2,896 years)

The golden era is the first era from which written records of Coracan survive. It was during this era that stories of fantastical events happening in the previous era were first written down.

Classical Era 6359-23,210 (16,851 years)

The Classical Era was by far the longest of Coracan's human eras at 16,851 years.

~9000 - Invasion of the Night by humanity, marking the beginning of the Great Stagnation and the Classical Apocalypse.

17th millennium

16,851 - Sagambel

Silver Era 23,210-28,975 (5,765 years)

6th millennium

5,559 - Mrotdal possesses a dragon, beginning his reign of terror across Coracan
5,675 Apar 15 Cl - Mrotdal defeated

Iron Era 28,975-present (4,320 years)

1st millennium

1 Jan 0 Fa - Metaparliament founded

2nd century

120 - Utha receives vision of the Crux, founding Cruxi

2nd millennium

19th century

1878 - Cruxi schism into Elladic and Saltyrian branches

4th millennium

39th century

3800 Janus 13-3803 Serul 36 - Cassavellian civil war
3844 Arum 8 - Daranese Imperial Republic established

40th century

3936-3942 - Casarad Mulin defeats Mrotdal
3953 Okta 39 - Cassavel becomes a republic, overthrowing their ancient monarchy.
3955 - Casarad Mulin first known to be living in the Nokola'I

5th millennium

41st century

4000 - Henry Every's incursion. Casarad Mulin disappears
4056 - Coracan's population reaches 1 billion

42nd century

4170-4182 - Twelve Years War


4195 - Long Depression begins

43rd century


4208 Apar 36 - HCG founded


4210 - Long Depression ends


4241 Apar 25 - First orbit of Coracan by a human being
4246 Serul 16 - Mark Wendal, a man from Earth, discovers Coracan
4249 May 1 - First manned mission lands on Serulus


4351 Kadel 7 - 4258 Serul 11 - Panthalassa War. This war overturned the global order on Coracan, caused great destruction all over the world, created many new technologies and allowed for the formation of the Conglomerate States to resolve global disputes. It was this war that has shaped what modern Coracan is like.
4256 Arum 45 - First nuclear bomb test
4257 Charu 4 - First use of nuclear weapons in warfare
4259 Janus 42 - Transistor invented
4259 Arum 43 - Conglomerate States founded


4260 - CSMT (Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce) founded
4267 - Construction of Pentapolis, intended as the administrative centre of the Conglomerate States, begins


4270 Janus 1 - Eyozon founded
4276 - Yachome Meredok, Gidun Yat's wife, disappears shortly after entering a hospital. He later finds almost all evidence of her has been erased and nobody but him seems to remember her. This causes him to withdraw entirely from anything metaphysical for nearly thirty years.


4291 Kadel 19 - Global Connectome System started
4291 Okta 44 - Wireless internet invented

44th century


4302 Janus 44 - Daora Meredok born
4307 Arum 9 - Worldwide recession hits Coracan


4313 - Worldwide recession officially ends, economic hardships remain
4317 Apar 11 - Coracan's population reaches 5 billion
4318 - Four of Daora Meredok's friends disappear inexplicably, with little trace of their existence and even their family members denying they even lived. This starts Daora's fascination with the metaphysical and with dreamwalking.

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