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The Triarchs of Coracan are the most powerful metabeings in Coracan and its associated dreamworlds. The three Triarchs are: the Sun, the Kalengnam and Paragon.


Each of the Triarchs is approximately equally as old and as powerful as each other. They are stable by nature, meaning that they are unlikely to lose their power over time.

Powers in the Metaparliament

The Triarchs preside over the most difficult decisions raised by the parliament and act as its highest judicial branch.

The Sun

Main article: Sun god

The Sun god is generally regarded as being the oldest, wisest and most powerful of the three by a small margin. He spends most of his time in the parliament world and rarely visits Coracan, Lupus Mundi or any other dreamworlds. If the Kalengnam and Paragon disagree with each other on an issue, the Sun is usually the one to break the deadlock and bring the Triarchs to a single conclusion.

The Kalengnam

Main article: Kalengnam

The Kalengnam is the god of dreams. He lives in, and manages, Lupus Mundi. Occasionally, he leaves Lupus Mundi to travel to Coracan or other dreamworlds.


Main article: Paragon

Paragon is the embodiment of perfection and appears in roughly human form. He visits Coracan the most regularly of the three.

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