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Created 4265, by Gidun Yat
Status Alive
Residence Cathedral
Occupation Caretaker
Years active 4265-present
Era Modern
Employer Gidun Yat
Species Spirit-robot
Height 0.3m, 1.5m extended
Weight 5kg

Cor is a spirit-robot created by Gidun Yat as a caretaker for his wife's ancestral dreamworld, Cathedral.



Cor has a domed appearance and has a base similar to that of a domestic cleaning robot. He has two big front-facing eyes and a square grill which hosts sound detection and emitting hardware. Usually, he rolls around on his four wheels at a height of about 30 centimetres, but, when necessary can extend his height to about 1.5 metres.

He also has two spindly arms capable of manipulating objects.


Cor was created to maintain the grounds of Cathedral. This included not only the cathedral itself but also the surrounding gardens. However, over the years, he has recorded many of his master's conversations and has acted as a repository of memories for Daora's grandfather.


The spirit-robot is polite and courteous, preferring to refer to people by a formal title such as 'sir' or 'ma'am'. He claims that his creator built him to have an 'impeccable memory' and is able to remember details from years or decades ago with mechanical precision.

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