Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce

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Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce
Allegiance Conglomerate States
Type Dreamwalking Army
Role Territorial defense, peacekeeping, anti-terrorism
Size 15,673 (Janus 4320)
Headquarters Pentapolis
Motto(s) 'For Liberty'
Anniversaries 23rd Okta 4260 (Founding)
Commander-in-Chief Governor-General Kaffanan On
Chief of the Armed Forces Aden Smit
Chief of Metasecurity Murex Tam

The Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce (CSMT) is the dreamwalking warfare branch of the Conglomerate States Armed Forces. Despite being a branch of this CS Armed Forces, CSMT predates it by several months, making it the most senior branch.



CSMT has its origin in the immediate aftermath of the Panthalassa War and was founded to be the dreamwalking army of the newly-established Conglomerate States on the 23rd of Okta 4260.

Activities and purpose

CSMT's purpose is to combat threats to the people of the Conglomerate States that are of a spiritual or metaphysical nature. Consequently, they are required to assist national security forces in combating Id attacks.


As part of its mission, CSMT monitors the Primanna for potential threats to Coracan. The arctic monitoring station, POPEDA, is managed by CSMT and is an important part of Coracan's defence against metaphysical threats. POPEDA allows CSMT to detect Gyrus dust and determine its origin, meaning they can spot visitors or threats coming from outside the Primanna cluster.

In 4319, POPEDA detected a human entering the Primanna from outside for the first time, triggering a preparation for contact with the Earth people from the Sol Cluster.


Main article: Conglomerate States Dreamwalking Academy

The Conglomerate States Dreamwalking Academy, situated in the CS capital of Pentapolis, is a secondary to tertiary education centre which closely supports CSMT. While the skills gained in the CSDA can be applied to multiple different occupations, a large proportion of students join hoping to become CSMT cadets and eventually full service members.

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