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The Conglomerate States Dreamwalking Academy is the Conglomerate States-affiliated secondary-to-tertiary dreamwalking education establishment and is located in the CS capital of Pentapolis on Coracan.


CSDA was founded shortly after the end of the Panthalassa War and the creation of the Conglomerate States in order to teach children and young adults dreamwalking and psycho-spiritual knowledge to serve the CS in a range of very high-level and skilled capacities.


Students can apply to join the year they turn 13 and continue their education at a secondary level until the year they turn 18.

From 18 years, students can continue to stay at the academy in order to gain a qualification that will smooth their way into a dreamwalking organisation like the CSMT. Broadly speaking, students can learn theory, scientific principles, spiritual diplomacy, spiritual healthcare, metaengineering, metawarfare, and metawarfare command After a period of usually 3-4 years, a student can gain a graduate degree in some of these fields.

Employment pipelines

Students specialising in metawarfare become CSMT cadets as they gain field experience and, once they graduate around 22, turn into full members of the taskforce. Other specialisations are also recruited by CSMT in order to create a well-balanced force.

Metaengineers, for example, are recruited by the CS Meta-Engineering Corps (CSMEC), a sub-branch of CSMT. They help repair damage to spiritual ecosystems and infrastructure caused by conflicts and natural disasters. They also build dreamworlds for CS use. Alternatively, such skills could be employed by private entities, NGDOs and national governments.


CSDA is under the jurisdiction of the Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce (led by the CS Chief of Metasecurity), one of the six parts of the CS Armed Forces and therefore has the CS Governor-General as its Commander-in-Chief.

More directly, CSDA is led and managed by its Principal, who holds the rank of Major General.

There are also various liaison officers who help to transition students to future employment in their respective CS department.

Notable staff

Notable attendees

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