Conglomerate States

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Conglomerate States
Setting: Dreamwalkers
Flag of CS State seal of CS
Flag Coat of arms
Government Sovereign Intergovernmental Organisation
Kaffanan On
Erin Arinsdotter
• CS charter signed
43 Arum 4258
• CS charter entered into force
1 Janus 4259
 • Membership 91 Member states
1 Condominium
 • 4318 Fa estimate 5.1 billion

The CS is an intergovernmental organisation founded at the end of the Panthalassa War.


Main article: History of the Conglomerate States

The Conglomerate States was founded after the end of the Panthalassa War in 4258.


Governmental Structure

Main article: Conglomerate States system


Hall of Representatives




The objectives of the Conglomerate States are. according to its purpose statement, to: 'Create world peace, promote freedom and equal opportunity for all people and advance the condition of the human species through science and international cooperation.'


Main article: Conglomerate States Armed Forces

The Conglomerate States maintains a permanent professional army. Each member state of the CS is compulsorily required to provide a proportionate fraction of their military directly to the centrally managed Conglomerate States Armed Forces, or CSAF. Personnel are temporarily aquired by CSAF for two-year terms; at the end of this term, individual personnel can choose to either return to their national armed forces or stay with CSAF for another term. Personnel may serve a maximum of two two-year terms with CSAF until they must either leave CSAF for their national military or be discharged from their national military and continue with CSAF as a volunteer. CSAF also accepts volunteers directly from any jurisdiction.

Dreamwalker Military

Main article: Conglomerate States Metasecurity Taskforce

The Conglomerate States maintains a taskforce of dreamwalkers whose objective is to detect Id threats and prevent dreamwalking conflicts between nations. They also study the edge of the Primanna in the case that any threats come from outside Coracan's cluster.

Peacemaking and peacekeeping

The Conglomerate States upholds a policy of 'armed peacemaking'. CSAF has the authority to break up conflicts by force if necessary.


After the Panthalassa War, the CS took the approach of drastically redrawing the world's borders, especially colonial ones. Many small countries were absorbed into larger ones. The CS attempted to create larger nations with varieties of resources and populated with broader groups, rather than trying to create a new nation for every ethnicity or preserve old, artificial borders.

Human rights

Relations with the Metaparliament

For people familiar with the workings of the CS, especially members of CSMT and national representatives, the existence of the Metaparliament is an open secret, one not actively hidden from the public. Both bodies sometimes disagree about over jurisdictional overlap and the exact responsibilities of each. Relations are typically good, if somewhat distrustful.


All member states of the CS are legally required to pay a proportionate part of their budget to the CS.

Evaluations and critisism

CSAF has been accused of being overly heavy-handed and serving the interests of the biggest doners of military hardware.

Others, however, point out that the CS's armed forces are highly diverse and less subject to the prejudices of a single group of people.

Expert and lay opinion on these policies have been mixed on the border redrawings, however. Some believe that these policies created stronger, stabler nations and prevented civil wars, while others argue that it has caused civil wars and weakened countries.