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―who, where, year

Welcome to Colonialism Plus, the rest is to be written

Timeline Overview

Base Articles

This section contains links to every article necessary for the user to understand the basics of the Colonialism Plus.


Articles on the history of the Colonialism Plus.


Articles on the politics within the Colonialism Plus.

British Federation

Spanish Empire

Russian Federation

French Federation

Portuguese Federation

Ottoman Federation

German Federation

Dutch Kingdom and Dependencies

Italian Federation

Japanese Empire

Belgian State

Norwegian League

Austrian State


Articles on the cultural developments, and various cultures within the Colonialism Plus.


Articles on societal aspects of the Colonialism Plus.

Science and Technology

Articles on specific technological innovations and scientific developments in the Colonialism Plus.


Articles on the economics of the Colonialism Plus.


Articles on places such as cities, planets, moons, asteroids, orbital spin habitats, etc. within the Colonialism Plus.


Articles on religions and religious beliefs within the Colonialism Plus.