Classical Apocalypse

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The Classical Era, Coracan's third, has long been regarded as the high-water mark of Coracan civilisation. A time when dreamwalking was commonplace, when people understood the workings of the Primanna.

They became arrogant, believing themselves to know everything. The people of Coracan resolved to destroy the Night once and for all and conquer the dark.

They invaded the Night Empire and cracked it into a million pieces. The Void river ran dry, the Angel of Death became little more than a wisp and the twelve kingdoms shattered.

With the Night shattered, the Cycle of Memory broke. Over thousands of years, the memories of the Primanna piled up in giant dusty heaps. Civilisation stagnated. People stopped exploring. Nobody ventured outside the Primanna.

Legendarily, this was a time when people did not die. In reality, they merely persisted. Without a Void to move on to, they became as Dust, slowly turning into stone as the years passed. And without Void, they had no desire to do anything other than exist.

For millennia, the Primanna was a wasteland. Even the Wayfarer spirit did not touch the cluster during this time.

With Void shattered, other elements suffered too. The Sun grew dim and Serulus froze over. Life died, becoming as Dust.

Even the Whypool, guarded by Medusa, dried up.

Humanity, now only a remnant, quarrelled over the remaining reserves of Water and Fire. They would drain the Stars and harvest anything flowing, but they were blind. They were blind to the need to renew the Night in order to restore balance to the Primanna.

They held their biggest dreamworlds, the cultural masterpieces of millennia, as weapons. And, in the end, they hurled dreamworlds at each other, scarring Coracan and creating the Shattered Ring. This conflict, which lasted for mere hours, is known as the Sagambel.

In destroying their own civilisations, they slipped into a resurgent Night, allowing new civilisation to flourish for the first time in millennia, beginning the Silver Era.

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