Charlotte Beaumont

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Charlotte Beaumont
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Born 26 June 1977 (41)
Organization SomniLabs
Species Human
Parents Alice and Lewis Beaumont

Charlotte "Charlie" Beaumont

Early life

Charlie was born on 26 June 1977 to Alice and Lewis Beaumont.

CHS and Coma

During and after the Antithesis Event of 1999, Charlie developed CHS as a result of personal confrontations with her father, Lewis Beaumont. Yuun put Charlie in to a coma to keep her alive until she could find a way to cure Charlie. Charlie stayed comatose until 2018, nearly twenty years.

Post-coma and Dreamwalking Thesis

Charlie's coma ended in 2018 and she subsequently co-authored the landmark Dreamwalking Thesis with graduate student Oliver Ore.


Charlie is very intelligent but is often cold and blunt, saying whatever is on her mind.