Chaos Crisis story arc

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The Chaos Crisis is an eventful conflict that took place in the mid 22nd century, resulting in the destabilization of the Galactic Senate. The final outcome of the Chaos Crisis resulted in an outcome that created new political, social and technological developments that led to a golden age.

Historians label the dates of this conflict to have taken place between 2142 AD and 2186 AD.

Phase I

Main article: Chaos Crisis/Phase I

An ancient data module is discovered that contains instructions on how to open the structures known as Stone Rings, artificial wormholes that connect the entire Local Group. The Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps is told to seize the data module at all costs, but it falls into the hands of a terrorist group known as the Altusian Brotherhood.

While the GSSOC thwarts the AB's plans for capturing a technological haven on the other side of a Stone Ring, a powerful supercomputer awakens known as Vernietigen.

Phase II

Main article: Chaos Crisis/Phase II

The supercomputer Vernietigen is rapidly expanding as Stone Rings are unlocked. However, his system overloads, and his personality becomes bugged. Following that, he demands the destruction of the entire universe by arranging for Minos-Vaskus to be neutralized with negative matter, causing a chain reaction that will summon a dark matter being known as Suntsitzeagal.

Phase III

Main article: Chaos Crisis/Phase III

Suntsitzeagal is rapidly approaching the Local Group and legions of Anathema are destroying entire galaxies. What remains of civilization bands together to send Suntsizeagal to the universe of Brunikor.