Carapellex Interception

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The Carapellex Interception was an operation by the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps to stop a smuggling ship owned by the Mainframe-198F smugglers.

Galactic Senate Mainframe-198F smugglers
??? Dreadvolt


The interception took place between the Batra and a Carapellex Cruiser three lightyears away from the Meruu system. Comm buoys detected unusual energy readings from the Carapellex Cruiser, suggesting that they were carrying a device that they did not create. A computer analysis from the buoy's systems determined that the device had similar energy signatures used by civilizations that lived at least 100,000 years ago. As the transport of paleotechnology aboard non-science and non-military vessels was considered against Galactic Senate laws, the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps was sent to intercept the ship.

The Batra and the Carapellex Cruiser exchanged electrical disabling rounds to short circuit the enemies ship, without causing real damage, the Batra disabled the Cruiser's weaponry, causing it to attempt to flea, but the Batra took out the Cruiser's engines and forced the cruiser to halt.

When the GSSOC boarded the cruiser, they discovered that the source of the energy readings was in fact a data module. By order of the law, the cruiser was impounded, but the captain of the ship, DreadVolt took the data module and evaded their grasp via a robotic escape pod. In a last ditch effort, the Carapellex launched all their escape pods, mimicking the energy put off by the data module. The GSSOC managed to capture a large amount of decoy warp pods before disabling the false energy readings, the pod containing the module had already escaped, warp trails indicated that it was headed for Krar to auction off the Data module.


There were no causalities. Some Carapellex were damaged, but not beyond repair. Most of the Mainframe-198F smugglers onboard were imprisoned for their crimes, while many elsewhere heard of the event and left the organization.