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Reason: These are listed as "sapient" - is that intentional? References outdated lore also - "plane of Khyorgan", for example
General information
Status Uncommon
Native to Khyorgan
Size 6m long
Diet Carnivorous
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan Unknown
Known for High aggression

The Butanaga (blind dragon) is a six-legged stout creature native to the plane of Khyorgan in the southern latitude, mostly found on low latitude tropical islands.

Considered to be highly dangerous game, they are commonly hunted by Halflings for their leather and venom.


A Butanaga can grow up to six meters in length. They have pale grey skin and six powerful legs. While the creature has no eyes, they have an acute sense of smell, and are able to navigate efficiently without the need of eyesight.

The creature is known for being extremely venomous - a single bite has enough venom to kill thirty humans. It primarily uses its tongue to detect its surroundings, then it charges at its foe, biting at the victim's neck for maximum effectiveness.

As a means of defense, the Butanaga has a tough hide which requires at least multiple arrow shots to penetrate. As an added danger, its legs and tail have enough strength to shatter the bones of those trying to surround it.

The Butanaga is a highly intelligent creature that hunts by stalking its prey, hiding in the foliage to strike at the appropriate time. However, they are solitary hunters.

Strategies to hunting a Butanaga

Even though the creature is blind, the Butanaga has deadly accurate precision when striking prey. It is highly recommended to bring incense to mask your scent - this will confuse the Butanaga, and it will be more difficult for it to attack. Be warned as it can quickly adapt to this setback, so it is best to kill the creature as quickly as possible.

It is also a good idea to hunt the Butanaga in groups to be able to surround it, but be mindful of its legs and tail, as they can be just as dangerous as its bite.