Brunikor (Erudite Tales)

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Brunikor is the ethereal realm home to the Demons. Only non-corporeal entities can interact with Brunikor.


From the exterior, Brunikor appears as a pink and red star surrounded by masses of swirling red clouds of gas and dust. Two polar beams of energy emanate opposite one another, shining much further out than the actual size of the plane.



Main article: Demon

Demons are dark entities that spawned upon the introduction of the concept of death. Eventually becoming accustomed to their nature, they built a bureaucracy of self-control and strict regulations.

Points of interest


Duivelmassa is a gigantic city where the Infernal Hierarchy resides. It is built into a volcanic cliff face where an endless abyss lies both below with endless thunderclouds above.


Existing within an ethereal bubble, it is a mirror reflection of the original home plane of the Hellish races.

Descent to Madness

The Descent to Madness is the single afterlife which the Demons look after. It is where they contain the ghasts where they are cleansed by subjecting them through intense torture and suffering until they learn to accept who they are.

  • Denial - The Denial tier is directly below Duivelmassa. It consists of a bottomless chasm surrounded with darkness.
  • Anger - The Anger layer is a region constantly on fire. Many souls deemed evil are burnt here constantly for many years.
  • Bargaining - Bargaining consists of a dungeon with a torturer who is willing to listen to the pleas of the damned, but will always turn them down.
  • Depression -Depression consists of a war-torn region of boredom and despair.
  • Acceptance - Acceptance is the final tier where the damned have finally accepted their fate. The Acceptance tier has a door that leads directly back and forth between Duivelmassa, but no damned soul has ever used it being content with staying where they are after the changes that have happened to them.


  • Hellhound: Originating from Brunikor, hellhounds are now found in many urban areas as well as any dry and warm places. They are efficient hunters, and a favorite pack tactic is to surround prey quietly, then attack with one or two hounds, driving it toward the rest with their fiery breath. If the prey doesn’t run, the pack closes in. Hellhounds track fleeing prey relentlessly.


Brunikor was once a physical world that appeared at an abyssal tier of the United Plane close to the edge of the universe's supposed edge. The Demons ordered the native Hellish races to leave their ancestral homeland for their own safety as there was not enough enaren ekati to save it. Once they left, a powerful Demon Lord named Ephialtes to recreate Brunikor so that it could avoid the ether. As a result, the "real" Brunikor was destroyed while a spirit version of one survives in its place.