Bella Ore

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Bella Ore
Species human

Bella Ore is a young shaman who travels with her cousin Oliver to defend Averlam from the Id.


Bella is cheery and upbeat, but also lacking in self-control. Though she is socially awkward, she is very playful and extroverted always looking out for her closest friends.

Bella has an enormous appetite, especially for chocolate and sugar. In her defense, it is often her source of energy to fuel her magic. However, her cravings are very difficult to satiate.

Bella also shows little sense of awareness of other’s personal space. When in a playful mood, she has an irresistible urge to poke others in the abdomen much to the annoyance of some of her companions. Others such as Amie don’t mind Bella’s high energy behaviors at all seeing it as an affectionate gesture.