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Spectral type M
Age Unknown
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Stars 1
Planets 5
Moons Unknown
Cluster Tolimanian Frontier
Galactic Arm Gasruk Arm
Polities Confederacy of Greenwater

Atgal is a Class M red dwarf in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is the first star system settled by the Confederacy of Greenwater.



Binary to Fisiena, Kaitrus is a Mar-sized tidally heated by its star. Volcanic activity produces clouds of soot creating a massive greenhouse effect. However, below these clouds is an iron-rich world. Pressure-resistant mining bots are setting up facilities on the surface.


Main article: Fisiena

Fisiena is the larger of the two binary worlds in Atgal. Unlike red dwarf planets that directly orbit the star, Fisiena has a day/night cycle because it instead orbits Kaitrus as a binary. The planet has little axial tilt causing the poles to be covered in chilling, uninhabitable ice caps. The equator, however, is hot and tropical making it suitable for colonization.


Zydras is a water world with a liquid, supercritical core. It has constant cloud cover and rain. While it supports primitive ammonite-analogues, the planet is unsuitable for colonization due to its lack of mineral resources.


Tritonas is a standard Jupiter-sized gas giant with ammonia clouds. It provides the CG with a readily available source of helium-3 while they explore the Andromeda Galaxy.