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Born 17 Charu 4227
Sipigrangor, Cassavel
Died 11 Serul 4256
Nationality Cassavellian
Years active 4249-4256
Known for Being the most-recent Coracan-born incarnation of the Wayfarer
Species Human

Wayfarer Anyu was the most recent Coracan-born incarnation of the Wayfarer. He was born into the tumultuous middle of the last century and got caught up in the Panthalassa War.

He was killed in 4256, his life having been cut short by conflict.

Her preserved a part of himself in ischerite, which his longtime friend and confidant, Saara, used to communicate with him after his death. She built a temple in his honour, choosing a dreambleed as its site so that the increased spiritual energy would strengthen the connection to the spirit he left behind.

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