Alban Gisilfrid

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Alban Gisilfrid
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Residence Gislitoft, Republic of Mirannas
Nationality Mirannasian
Race Human
Relatives Kristine Gisilfrid (Sister)

Alban Gisilfrid is a young adventurer from the Republic of Mirannas. His skill with a one-handed crossbow is impressive to say the least, and his hand-to-hand and melee is also fairly good. However, when it comes to sailing ships, he isn't particularly good at that, and, in a society shaped around sailing vessels, that's a particularly big disadvantage.


Early Life

Alban Gisilfrid was born to middle-lower class parents in the port town of Gislitoft. As he grew, he showed an interest in crossbows and other weapons, which took time away from learning how to handle a ship, which spelled bad news for a child in a shipping community. When he was around 4 or so, he gained a younger sister, Kristine.


At one point, just after he turned 13, Alban was practicing with his crossbow, when he found an unconscious moon elf child on the outskirts of town. He carried the moon elf home and helped his parents take care of her. While the moon elf, Aria Shadewood, stayed with them, she and Alban became good friends, Alban showing off his skills with a crossbow to her, and Aria showing Alban some magic tricks her now-dead parents showed her.


When Alban turned 17, his parents decided it was time to see how well Alban would do manning a ship. It turned out rather poorly, and he was shunned by most of the community. Knowing his continued presence there was making his family was giving them a bad reputation, he decided to leave. Against his parents' pleas (and Alban's own request), Kristine, who was only 13 at the time, decided to leave with Alban, not liking how the others kids around the town treated her. Also going with him was Aria, who didn't want to be separated from Alban.