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The Ahona are a groups of peoples living on Earth, in the southern United States and Mexico. They first came to prominence around 1000 AD and maintained hegemony over their region for the next five hundred years. After the Spanish conquest of the Ahona homeland, a protracted twenty-year war between 1545-1565, the Ahona fell from power and most of them assimilated into the México and other native American tribes.

Dreamwalking tradition

The Ahona have a long dreamwalking tradition. It was their proseweavers that created the Ahona desert. These traditions, while diminished and practiced by fewer people, continue to this day.

Cultural recognition

Yuun started a spiritual movement in the 1960s that popularized Ahona culture.

By 1989, however, a major dreamwalking accident occurred and the governments of the USA and Mexico agreed the Ahona could continue to practice their drewamwalking traditions, but that they must be kept secret.