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Star Tabora C
Type Garden planet
Satellites None
Gravity 0.9 G
Orbital distance 1.1 AU
Day length 27 hours
Year length 216 Earth days
Diameter 13,532 km
Axial tilt 18.1°
Average 40.5° F
Minimum -54° F
Maximum 135° F
Composition 69% nitrogen, 27% oxygen, 3% other gases
Surface pressure 0.8 atm
Population 40,000,000
Imports Consumer goods, industrial goods
Exports Food, water

Zerevst is an Eteno agrarian colony. It is the birthplace and home of Tholker Zhevhyit for much of his early life. The planet is located in a region of resource-poor colonies, where the average annual income is much lower than in other parts of the empire.


Zerevst's atmospheric oxygen content is unusually high, resulting in the growth of much larger plants and animals than on other worlds with lower oxygen contents. Crops grow tall and bear greater harvest due to the high oxygen content in the atmosphere, and the also high nitrogen soil content.  Zerevst is thus a highly productive agricultural colony, and even with the high costs of colonial development, it is one of the richest frontier agricultural colonies of the EIT.


Zerevst and the rest of the Tabora C system was charted and explored in 2023 ATGW by the Imperial Navy. In 2045, a picket outpost was set up on Zerevst by the government to serve as a rest stop for far-flung explorers. Due to the fertility of the planet and its friendliness towards staple Eteno crops, communities quickly sprung up on the planet's surface after word spread amongst colonists of its existence. A handful of influential industrial families relocated to the planet, with the impression that Zerevst would become wealthy in time, and would become a good place to establish new estate residences. However, the Kklxin War drew most money from colonial development and put it into the war effort, stalling this process for the time being. Zerevst native Tholker Zhevhyit comes from one of the industrial families waiting out this period of slow growth.