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Star H49
Orbital distance 0.01 AU
Population 0
Imports none
Exports none

Xorgraria is a planet orbiting the white dwarf H49. It is known for being the homeworld of the Ghorax.

Like most planets at such a close distance to its star, Xorgraria is tidally locked to its star, and life can only survive in the twilight regions close to the dark side.


From the ground, the star H49 looks similar to a standard Class G star.


In the areas where Xorgraria is habitable, it is largely a desert. Most water remains locked up in the ice-covered nightside, while the dayside is met with an unending sandstorm. Life barely survives on the surface, although there are oases scattered throughout the twilight regions.

Most life survives underground in massive caverns, dimly lit by light from the surface. These caverns were created from groundwater from swamps and wetlands that once covered the surface. The native Ghorax built underground cities within here.


Xorgraria formed sometime after H49 dissolved from a red giant into a white dwarf. Oceans existed for a brief time on the planet's surface, but with the Galactic Core's persistent radiation, it would not last, later turning into a desert.