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{{Galactic Crucibles}}
{{Galactic Crucibles}}
{{Infobox faction
{{Infobox faction
|location = [[Orion Arm]], [[Milky Way Galaxy]]
|location = [[Orion Arm]], [[Milky Way Galaxy]]
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Vulkastis Mining Federation
Location Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy
Size 3 systems
Kardashev class 1.7
Founded Unknown
Status Active
Capital Uoliene-Stundas Manufacturing Station
Official language Yallvus Talk, Luuschtuntski
Demonym Vulkastis
Population 12 million
Species Vaikan and Eteno
Government Corporatocracy
Current leader(s) Unknown

The Vulkastis Mining Federation is a sovereign state that operates mostly in the Eteno Imperial Triumvirate territory. Operating mostly within the Aatami system, they are known for securing a monopoly on the rare Dragonrock ore within EIT territory.


The discovery of Dragonrock in Kokkola's crust by the EIT was a significant event because until the surveys were complete, Dragonrock was not known to even exist. The Vaikan, who had experience with the ore due to a planet in their home system containing Dragonrock, were hired to colonize the planet. At the time, the Vulkastis Mining Federation was in danger of being out competed by the Karalian Empire who claimed all of Krizaelius to themselves. With the EIT providing a new opportunity in a region far from Karalian space, the Vulkastis Mining Federation was able to quickly rise to power as they were the only ones within EIT space that possessed the knowledge of properly refining the material.

The Vulkastis Mining Federation soon secured a monopoly on the ore, dominating the trade of the ore within the entire region.


Vulkastis' capital is the Uoliene-Stundas Manufacturing Station which is in orbit of the lava world of Kokkola. While Kokkola is their only source of Dragonrock, the Vulkastis Mining Federation owns two other nearby star systems Nepastovus and Tolinis which serve as smaller sources of deuterium and other goods.

The Chief Executive Officer presides over a hierarchy of advisers who manage individual assets. Vulkastis also has its own private army of mercenaries that specialize in guerrilla tactics and piracy. They actively sabotage the efforts of competition even going so far as to attack ships which import Dragonrock from other sources.