United Communes Interstellar Corps

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United Communes Interstellar Corps
Ulussi Disarenada (Mavibi)
Active 160 TE–present
Allegiance Flag of Darya.svg United Communes of Darya
Type Civil fleet
Role Exploration; scientific research; diplomacy
Size 1.6 million active duty personnel
1,580 deployable ships
1,800 total ships
>20,000 small craft
Part of Secretariat for Exploration
  • Interstellar Corps Central Committee
Headquarters Starbase 1
Chairman of the Exploration Secretariat Arelyon Ranas
Chairman of the Central Committee FADM Oranako Kaizan

The United Communes Interstellar Corps (Mavibi: Ulussi Disarenada) is the United Communes federal agency tasked with space exploration and scientific research. Distinct from the larger and younger United Communes Navy, the Interstellar Corps, until the United Commune's remilitarisation and the United Communes Defence Force's establishment in the late 5th century TE, also was the nation's primary line of defence. Today, the Corps still provides some defence capability, but it is only mobilised for that purpose in emergency situations. Its primary mission is to explore uncharted regions of space, assist with the scientific advancement of the nation, and to form and strengthen diplomatic ties between the United Communes and its galactic neighbours in cooperation with the Foreign Service.

Unlike the Defence Force, the Interstellar Corps is staffed by ordinary citizens (as opposed to bio-engineered personnel), and is not as strictly hierarchical as its military counterpart. It is organisationally separate from the military too, and reports to the United Communes Secretariat for Exploration, as opposed to the Secretariat for Defence or the Vashkurum. The Corps' highest operational authority is the Interstellar Corps Central Committee, whose members are elected by all Corps personnel.