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{{VMF star systems}}
{{VMF star systems}}
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Tolinis system
Spectral type G9, M3
Age 6 billion years
Size 0.8 solar masses, 0.3 solar masses
Surface temperature 4970 K, 3088 K
Diameter 0.86 solar diameters, 0.43 solar diameters
Stars 2
Planets 1
Moons 0
Cluster Unknown
Galactic Arm Inner Far South Arm
Polities Vulkastis Mining Federation

Tolinis is a binary star system 10 lightyears from Nepastovus. Tolinis A is a G-type star, while Tolinis B is a red dwarf.

Planets and features


Orbiting both of its stars, Unikalus is an Earth-sized silicate terrestrial planet in the process of terraforming. Due to its close distance to its parent star, the planet will use flora and fauna imported from Jaran to sustain itself as Unikalus will likely support a desert climate the best.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures

Unikalus Station

Unikalus Station is the main living facility of the system attached to Unikalus via a space elevator.