Teju Jagua

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Teju Jagua
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Begun >3,000 years ago
Residence Kendjam territory, Xingu River, Earth
Known for Raising an army of Id and being wanted by SomniCorps
Children Ayja
Parents Tau and Karena

Teju Jagua is one the seven children of Tau.


Teju Jagua was born several thousands of years ago to the gods Tau and Kerana. Because of Tau's evil nature, all his children were cursed with horrendous appearances. Despite this, he was once the most calm of the seven children. After Tau died during the Apocalypse of 1999, he tightened the grip of the curse on his children further by corrupting them with the powers of darkness.

Ashamed at what he had become, Teju Jagua fled to the outer worlds and had a daughter named Ayja. Sometime after, Teju Jagua returned to Earth to become the leader of the Kendjam tribe of the Xingu River. Since then, Teju Jagua has been generating Id to raise an army. He has become one of the most wanted criminals by SomniCorps.